The Purpose, The Plan, The Promise

This is it, this is where it will all begin . . . not really, the earlier posts were pre-emptive, but I wasn’t ready to give an introduction quite yet. It required thought, and some time to percolate up from the depths of my mind.

My goals are simple; I want to write, and I want to be creative. Since these are my ultimate goals, though broadly defined, this blog will be dedicated to what I feel like writing. Sometimes they will be essays, academic or for fun; in other cases there will be perspective writing, my take on what I’ve seen, done, experienced. Finally, the abstract; I like to write for the sake of writing, just like I enjoy taking pictures just so I can look at things whenever I feel like it. 

Hopefully, by keeping this blog, I will further improve my writing skills, and maybe gain some exposure that a notebook or essay doesn’t offer me. It will help me stay motivated, and to push me closer to peer reviewed publications and making my writing connect with a wider audience than just myself.

If you think that sounds fun, I encourage you to check back it from time to time; maybe you will find something you like, something that gets you thinking, or something that moves you to do something wholly of your own design. Feel free to comment, talk to me, ask me questions, or give constructive feedback.


A Bit About Myself and My Current Endeavours

Some might call starting a blog during the crucial phase of a Masters program procrastination, but I call it ambition. I am, as it would seem, gearing towards being something of a ‘Japanologist’ (coined by my advisor, taken to heart by myself). I am currently full throttled into my work on Japanese horror, the macabre, and history. I have dabbled in Japanese and Asian folklore, religion, and cultural studies, and have begun my journey into the Japanese language (I have earned my BA in Japanese language, and am gearing towards challenging the N2; my eventual goal is to take my studies overseas to investigate the history of horror, both fictional and non-fictional). I am also well acquainted with the Theatre, having gained by BA in Theatre Arts; I know the ins and outs of both on stage and backstage life, from acting to design. 

I write essays about things that interest me, both for academic and personal reasons, and I hope to share some of my favourites here at some point. They are in depth research projects from which I take much pride, and from which I have gained insight into how to conduct my studies without sacrificing my interest.



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