A Quick dissection of the full Season 3 trailer for Game of Thrones

Wow, I know I posted it last night, but I have watched the trailer a few more times now and have made some rather exciting discoveries. Let us simply say that it promises much of what we as readers, and those viewers who are truly attracted to the show, have been waiting for.

Here there be Spoilers for S3, A Sword of Storms and beyond.

“There’s a beast in every man, and it stirs when you put a sword in its hand.”

-Jorah Mormont

When Jorah is speaking of every man being a beast, I believe we are being shown the iconic moment for Jaime Lannister. That anguished scream, though silent, hints at the Bloody Mummers and Vargo “the Goat” Hoat. This is very exciting for me; I can’t wait to see how the perceptions of Jaime begin to shift amongst the show-firsters. Also, very interested to see how they are going to pull off the two largest aspects of this; will they have it hanging from his neck, or will they remove it? How will they handle the change in costuming?

The burning behind Dany is epic. I see this as being the moment when she takes the Unsullied and gives those slavers their much desired taste of dragons. This will be satisfying, to say the least. The first real act of ‘true justice’ to be pulled off since season 1.

We all know the ships are a tease, or at least those who have read this far are aware of it. We already had the rumors that Ser Barristan would be returning, but the ships and dragons confirm it. Now, are they going to go about hiding him, or is he going to be immediately recognized by Jorah? We have yet to even see Strong Belwas, so surprises all around.

The moment of truth, we know that Lord Hoster Tully passes, and hopefully they don’t exclude ‘tansy’, which will provide the tantalizing shift back to Petyr’s plot. I really hope that they don’t just gloss over the father/daughter moment in this, especially since we have not seen or heard of Lysa since the first season.


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  1. I’m in complete agreement re: Jaime’s arc this season. For me, Jaime was still scumbag supreme of the story at the beginning of A Storm of Swords. By the end of the book he was one of my favorite characters and someone I was rooting heartily for.

    The people who watch the show exclusively have had much more of him over the first two season than the readers did over the first two books, but I’m still eager to see this arc played out onscreen and see if it’s just as effective.

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