From the Ashes

Hello all, including the spam bots who no doubt dwell in the vastness of the web. It has been quite some time since my last check it. I am alive and well, just trapped in the continual cycle of editing and revising my thesis prior to submission for the defence of my Masters. Rest assured, I still have many words to share, and I have been building up bits and pieces that I want to explore here, and to put out there. I simply have not had the time to sit and commit to them in a way which would make them ready for an audience. Hopefully that will change shortly, as it would seem I have reached the final round of revisions to this year and a half long project that if my MA History thesis.

I apologize for vanishing, but I had to fully dedicate myself to my work, as both a student and a teaching assistant.

Stay tuned, the wait will not be long. I hope to explore with you more themes of horror, poetry, history, fiction, and reviews.



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