Update, or, “I am pretty bad at this blog thing”

So, it has been a long time since my last update or post of any substance.

In the spirit of keeping with my commitment to this blog and the information on it, I am going to be fixing my lack of posting quite soon. In order to do this, I am going to look into scheduled posts, meaning I will set aside a certain day each week to provide a post.

This will be in keeping with my recent efforts to get back to the things that I enjoy the most, and doing more with my life than just going to work, coming home, and sleeping. Due to some recent events, I had put my goals of returning to school for more post graduate on the back burner. Not what I had really wanted to do, but certain things have made it so that I had commitments to stay were I was for a certain amount of time, on a rather vague schedule. But I am in the midst of getting those things handled, and hopefully will be getting myself to a point where if I needed to pick up and move in order to start a study program, it wouldn’t be a huge ordeal ( or at least a manageable ordeal).

That being said, I hope to start this process this week on  Thursday with “Last Thursday of the Month Review”, where I will pick a book/graphic novel/article which I have recently read and present a comprehensive review.

At the very least, I want to try to bring that commitment to one new post every week.

I am thinking of organizing this type of schedule on a weekly basis, where the frequency and timing would be directly related to the type of content. Likely reviews and ‘essay’ type articles would be one a month, while reflections, options, and creative writing would take place more frequently (due to the slightly less rigour requirements for posting formats.)

In summary, I am still alive, and I do want to continue to pursue what I originally set out to present with this blog. I want to provide focus on the academic side of popular culture and history, as well as the more creative and freeing side of creative and free form writing.





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