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Read it; Watch it; Listen to it: Recommendations from the Darkness

So, I’m in the final leg of thesis work on my MA, working on last revisions and all that rigmarole. However, I do have some recommendations for those out there looking for something to watch, read, or listen to that they might had missed the first time around. Nothing ground breaking, but these are some of the series and songs that I have been really taken in by lately. Now, some of these are available on Netflix or iTunes, others require a bit of creativity to get, and yet others you will have to purchase, because that’s what the artistic teams and artists deserve. Check it out, and if there is something that had really caught your attention or imagination in the past while that you think needs more attention, leave a comment.

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On the serious side (well, maybe)

I realize that aside from my conference reflection more than a year ago and my piece of Mononoke-hime, I have done very little to give anyone a sense of my academic background. Certainly, I am a ‘historian-in-training’, an academic at heart, and a creative mess. However, that really doesn’t open the floor up for discussion, as it leave too much to the wind. What have I worked on and researched in the past? How have I engaged with cultural history on a level of serious academic contemplation? What topics draw my interest. Well, as a start to this new week, I thought I world provide a list of titles of papers I have completed. Some, which are sort, I have thought of posting to my blog at one point (as I did the Mononoke piece); others I have presented at conferences, or thought of submitting them for possible publication.

Below I have divided them by area (History, Religious Studies, English Literature, Theatre, and then Misc.), but they are in no chronological order. While I will likely not share the entirety of the work, I am more than willing to talk about the process of research and writing, and of course discussion centring around the topics themselves.


History and Cultural Studies

  • The Postwar Apocalypse in Japan: The Unique Anxieties Reflected by Akira and Gojira
  • Shame and Destruction: How the Japanese Military Leaders Delayed Admitting the Truth of the Ianjo of World War II
  • The Survival of a Fragile World: The Geisha Through Modernization
  • The Importance of the Cultural Gift: Mishima and Japanese Modernization
  • Stonehenge: A multifunctional neolithic Megalith
  • The Sixties Sexual Revolution on Broadway: Androgyny and Female Sexuality in Hair and Cabaret
  • The Questionable Universality of Balibar’s The Nation Form
  • The Byzantine Empire During the Early 10th-11th Century: The Bulgarians and Internal Strife
  • The Fatalistic Pilgrimage in Japan: Aokigahara-jukai and the Translocation of Mount Fuji’s Sacred Identity
  • In the Midst of Horror: Japanese pre-modern Ghost stories and the Modern J-Horror- A Research Proposal
  • Medical Observations and Methods of Treatment in Hippocratian Greece
  • Xenophobia and the ‘Enemy Alien’: The Injustice of the Canadian Internment Camps of World War I
  • Jonathan Spence: The Voice of Modern Chinese History in the West
  • The Nation of the Family in Eat, Drink, Man, Woman by Ang Lee
  • Folktales and Superstition During the Late Heian and Kamakura Periods: Reflection of Moral and Cultural Behaviour
  • Prostitution in Roman Society: Female Prostitution as Social Support
  • The Stigma of Shell-shock and the Disabled Soldier: European Soldiers and the Perception of Psychological Disability

Religious Studies

  • Buddhism and the Modern Ghost in Eiji Otsuka’s Manga The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service
  • The Visuals of Religious Subjectivity in Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter . . . and Spring
  • The Dichotomy of Order and Chaos in Ugetsu and Double Suicide
  • Moro and the Shishigami in Miyazaki’s Temporal War Epic Mononoke-hime
  • Children, Nature, and Spiritual Play in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away
  • Elements of Buddhist Teaching and Though in Takahashi Rumiko’s Character Miroku
  • The Fictional Journeys of Rama and Monkey: A Mirror of the Internal Spiritual Journey
  • Myth, Folklore, and the Folk Tale: Their Relevance in the Practice of Shinto

Theatre Arts/Studies/Dramaturgy and Art History

  • The Inorganic Puppet: A Symbol of Life and Death
  • The Puppet in History and the Theories of Craig
  • The Sexual Politics Behind the Shrew: Marowitz’s The Shrew and Junger’s 10 Things I Hate About You
  • The Intermingling of Ritual and Carnival: The Castle of Perseverance and the Medieval Tournament
  • Zeus and Bacchus: The Gods in Statue

English Literature and Classical Studies

  • “I Am No Lady”: George R.R. Martin’s Brienne of Tarth as a Unique Female Warrior
  • The Mad Wives of  Bronte and Stetson
  • The Desired Influence: The Women of Epic and Their Social Significance
  • The Importance of Nestor in The Iliad
  • Mirror, Mirror: The Mirroring of Frankenstein and the Creature
  • Women and War: Sparta, Athens, and Rome
  • The Ghost Story as told by Gaskell and Wharton
  • Artistotle’s Doctrine of the Mean: The Understandable and Achievable Goal
  • The Rebirth and Adaptation of Greek Myth in Xena Warrior Princess

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