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Oh boy! An Update

Hello readers and denizens of the internet,

Once again, I have fallen behind and let the cobwebs gather on my blog. But, this time is was because I have been very busy working on some other projects!

Deja-Visite:  Independent Online Magazine. Saskatchewan Writers. Local Perspectives.

First, I’m very proud to be involved with Deja-Visite, an online magazine. It started out as myself and four friends, and since February we have added some additional contributors. We have seven full issues under our belts, and we’ve moving to a bi-monthly publication schedule. We do a little bit of everything at Deja-Visite; creative fiction, experimental kitchen adventures, travel pieces, technology and development articles, recipes, nature hikes with photographic spreads, reviews, recipes, and local event coverage, just to name a few. I’m involved as both a writer and the editor-in-chief, and currently am serving as the interim social media contact and producer. Head on over to Deja-Visite to check us out. We can also be fund on Instagram as dejavisite_zine, and on Facebook and Twitter as @dejavisite_zine. We’re free to read, and planning our next issue to release in November. Keep your eyes peeled for a teaser from one of our older episodes, to whet you appetites.


I have also been taking part in Inktober, creating a new miniature ink drawing each day of October, which can be found on my Instagram with profile name idatflame. It’s been a bit of a challenge, but I think it’s really helped me to work on creating a little piece of something each day. I’m also on track to see it all the way through to the end of the month. I deviated from the official prompt list and set myself with a theme instead: Entrances. Once October is finished, I may do a summary posting here, but best to check it out on Instagram. Hey, while you’re at it, definitely check out some of the other marvellous Inktober work being done, such as by Jocelyn Anderson and Victoria Koops, Blackssideshow, Bradly Wohlgemuth, and Max Dunbar. You can find it all be searching #inktober2018 on social media!

Myth Series

I am working on a series of short articles focused on various myths. Nothing too concrete yet, but mostly it is looking at thematic similarities between a wide assortment of myth and folklore traditions. This may end up being part of Deja-Visite, where the idea was initially created, but it won’t go live until after the planned wrap on another serial column I have there. The research for it has really been my favourite part, and a reason for me to dust off so many of my prized textbooks.


I am also gearing up for some major writing, outside of my articles for Deja-Visite, for November. Lots of people join NaNoWriMo, but I just don’t think I am quite ready to make that king of single story commitment. So, instead I am aiming to do a new piece of creative writing every 1-2 days all November long, and posting them here. Prompts will either come from a song lyric, be inspired by a single song as a whole, or based off a little tidbit of an idea that has seeded itself as something interesting in my mind.

General Crafting

I am also undertaking a more tactile practice when it comes to creation, as I am planning to join a friend at a convention vendor table in the new year, and want to have some neat little bits to take along. So far my major interests are in the quick bake polymer clay, perler beads, and shrinky-dinks. Nothing super impressive, but so far I am having a lot of fun coming up with the ideas for the designs, and building my templates.


All in all, looking forward to creating more, and bringing everything together more in the future. The hardest part is finding the balance to keep it all going, but things are starting to come together.

All the best

Megan, Mlle_macabre




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